HIFU Piezoelectric Ceramic
HIFU Piezoelectric C…

---HIFU Transducer
---Ultrasonic Slimming

---High intensity focused Ultrasound piezo
---High frequency: 1MHz~8MHz
---Focus Length: 10mm~100mm
---Strong Electrode: Ag by CO-FIRED
---Long lifetime: High Power pulse>15,000 Hours

Color Doppler Flow Imaging
Color Doppler Flow I… Applications:
--Medical Instruments
-- Small and homogeneous crystal grains(3-5μm)
--High density(>99%)
-Dynamic thermal stability
Ultrasonic beauty atomizer
Ultrasonic beauty at… Applications:
--Ultrasonic beauty Massager
--Stable long-term work
-- good acid resistance, alkali resistance and cavitation corrosion resistance
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